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Existing well locations in Cebu and Mactan islands, Philippines (CSV format)


Juanico, Drandreb Earl (2020), Existing well locations in Cebu and Mactan islands, Philippines (CSV format), Dryad, Dataset,


This dataset consist of comma-separated values files containing the coordinate location of wells in Cebu and Mactan islands, Philippines expressed as points x (longitude) and y (latitude) in decimal degrees. The dataset is partitioned between a training and test subset at a proportion of 70% and 30%, respectively. The sources of the data were two government agencies tasked to manage the water resources in the Philippines. Shapefiles can be generated directly from the dataset using appropriate GIS software. 


The data were gathered by the National Water Resources Board (NWRB), as of April 2019, and Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA) of the Philippines, as of January 2020. The NWRB sent their primary data directly to the authors by e-mail, 26 July 2019. The LWUA databank is accessible (as of June 2020) through The CSV files consolidate the information originating from the NWRB and LWUA data. Duplicate samples in this consolidated dataset were removed. 

Usage Notes

The information from the dataset can generate shapefiles (.shp) projected in WGS 1984. 


Department of Science and Technology, Philippines