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12 nuclear microsatellite loci scores for 543 adult trees of Tilia cordata in Lithuainia

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Danusevicius, Darius (2022). 12 nuclear microsatellite loci scores for 543 adult trees of Tilia cordata in Lithuainia [Dataset]. Dryad.


Genetic signature of the natural genepool of Tilia cordata Mill. in Lithuania: compound evolutionary and anthropogenic effects

Tilia cordata Mill. is a valuable tree species enriching the ecological values of the coniferous dominated boreal forests in Europe. Following the historical decline, spreading of Tilia sp. is challenged by the elevated inbreeding and habitat fragmentation. We studied the geographical distribution of genetic diversity of Tilia cordata populations in Lithuania. We used 14 genomic microsatellite markers to genotype 543 individuals from 23 wild growing populations. We found that Tilia cordata retained high levels of genetic diversity (population Fis = 0 to 0.15, Ho = 0.53 to 0.69, He = 0.56 to 0.75). AMOVA, Bayesian clustering and Monmonier’s barrier detection indicate weak but significant differentiation among the populations (Fst = 0.037***) into geographically interpretable clusters of (a) western Lithuania with high genetic heterogeneity but low genetic diversity, bottleneck effects, (b) relatively higher genetic diversity of Tilia cordata on rich and most soils of midland lowland, and (c) the most differentiated populations on poor soils of the coolest north-eastern highland possessing the highest rare allele frequency but elevated inbreeding and bottleneck effects. Weak genetic differentiation among the Tilia cordata populations in Lithuania implies common ancestry, absence of strong adaptive gradients and effective genetic exchange possible mediated via the riparian networks. A hypothesis on riparian networks as geneflow mediators in Tilia cordata was raised based on results of this study.


DNA samples were collected from 543 adult trees in ca. 20 populations of presumably natural origin in Lithuiania. 12 nuclear SSR loci were scored with ABI DNA sequencer. 

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