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Effect of ocrelizumab on vaccine responses in patients with multiple sclerosis: The VELOCE study

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Bar-Or, Amit (2020). Effect of ocrelizumab on vaccine responses in patients with multiple sclerosis: The VELOCE study [Dataset]. Dryad.



The phase IIIb VELOCE study (NCT02545868) assessed responses to selected vaccines in ocrelizumab (OCR)-treated patients with relapsing multiple sclerosis.


Patients were randomized 2:1 into Group OCR (n=68; OCR 600mg); or Control (n=34; interferon-β or no disease-modifying therapy). All received tetanus toxoid (TT)-containing vaccine, Pneumovax® (23-PPV) and keyhole limpet hemocyanin (KLH). Group OCR was subdivided into OCR1 (n=33) and OCR2 (n=35) at randomization. OCR1 received Prevnar® (13-PCV) 4 weeks after 23-PPV; OCR2 and Control received influenza vaccine. Vaccinations started 12 weeks after OCR initiation (Group OCR) or on Day 1 (Control).


Positive response rate to TT vaccine at 8 weeks was 23.9% in OCR vs 54.5% in Control. Positive response rate to ≥5 serotypes in 23-PPV at 4 weeks was 71.6% in OCR and 100% in Control. Prevnar® did not enhance response to pneumococcal serotypes in common with Pneumovax®. Humoral response to KLH was decreased in OCR vs Control. Seroprotection rates at 4 weeks against five influenza strains ranged from 55.6–80.0% in OCR2 and 75.0–97.0% in Control.


Peripherally B-cell depleted OCR recipients mounted attenuated humoral responses to clinically relevant vaccines and the neoantigen, KLH, suggesting use of standard non-live vaccines while on OCR treatment remains a consideration. For seasonal influenza vaccines, it is recommended to vaccinate patients on OCR, as a potentially protective humoral response, even if attenuated, can be expected.

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Figure e-1 Patient disposition. 

Figure e-2 Positive response to S. pneumoniae serotypes. 

Figure e-3 Response against (A) mumps, (B) rubella, and (C) varicella zoster in patients with RMS. 

Table e-1 Post-vaccination influenza seroconversion rates 

Table e-2 Geometric mean titers for individual 23-PPV serotypes prior to and 4- and 8-week post- vaccination 

Table e-3 Quantitative immunoglobulin levels