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Metabolic rate and behavioral traits in Salmo trutta

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Prokkola, Jenni (2022). Metabolic rate and behavioral traits in Salmo trutta [Dataset]. Dryad.


The behavior of organisms can be subject to human induced selection such as that arising from fishing. Angling is expected to induce mortality on fish with bold and explorative behavior, which are behaviors commonly linked to a high standard metabolic rate. We studied the transgenerational response of brown trout (Salmo trutta) to angling-induced selection by examining the behavior and metabolism of 1-year-old parr between parents that were or were not captured by experimental fly fishing. We performed the angling selection experiment on both a wild and a captive population, and compared the offspring for standard metabolic rate and behavior under predation risk in common garden conditions. Angling had population-specific effects on risk taking and exploration tendency, but no effects on standard metabolic rate. Our study adds to the evidence that angling can induce transgenerational responses on fish personality. However, understanding the mechanisms of divergent responses between the populations requires further study on the selectivity of angling in various conditions.


Metabolic rate raw data:

Oxygen saturation was measured in % of air saturation using two-point-calibrated DAQ-PAC-WF4 system with Sensor spot mini sensors and recorded every second in AutoResp software (Loligo Systems). Water temperature was measured using the Pt1000 temperature probe placed in the respirometer tank (Loligo Systems). Data was reformatted into Fishresp format for analysis.

Usage notes

Note on metabolic rate raw data:

The raw data are in files with "_fixed" ending, these were processed as in the scripts provided in Github (see publication) to obtain data for analysis in Fishresp (fixed_conv ending). Intermediate data files also provided, as well as Sample IDs to combine data from chambers to fish PIT IDs and other information.


Academy of Finland, Award: 286261