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Studies of Vietnamese pteridophyte flora 2

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Chen, Cheng Wei (2023). Studies of Vietnamese pteridophyte flora 2 [Dataset]. Dryad.


We reported nine fern species: Amblovenatum opulentum, Athyrium erythropodum, Haplopteris angustifolia, Hymenophyllum acanthoides, Hymenophyllum pachydermicum, Huperzia liangshanica, Microlepia smithii, Selaginella bisulcata, and Selaginella reticulata as indigenous to Vietnam based on our new collections and study of type materials and relevant references. We also described one new species Dryopteris huongii to accommodate its morphological distinctiveness from its congeneric species. We further investigated the phylogenetic relationships of the new species using three plastid DNA markers and the result shows it belongs to Acrorumohra clade, sister of D. gymnophylla.


National Science and Technology Council