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Abundances of xylobiont beetles in the Leipzig floodplain forest 2016

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Haack, Nora et al. (2021). Abundances of xylobiont beetles in the Leipzig floodplain forest 2016 [Dataset]. Dryad.


The dataset includes abundance data from xylobiont beetles, captured in the Leipzig floodplain forest between March and October 2016. We sampled three strata and three tree species. The strata were the understory with 2 traps, the lower canopy with 12 traps and the upper canopy with 12 traps. The 24 traps in the lower and upper canopy can further be assigned to the tree species Quercus robur, Tilia cordata and Fraxinus excelsior. Each tree was sampled with 8 traps, 4 in the lower and 4 in the upper canopy. The dataset includes 5187 individuals, belonging to 279 beetle species of 51 families and further 553 individuals which couldn't be determined to species level.


The beetles were captured using omnidirectional window flight intercept traps, consisting of  an upper sampling unit, a lower sampling unit and two inter-crossed plexiglass panels. The chosen sampling liquid was diethylene glycol. A canopy crane was used to access the lower and upper canopy.

Usage notes

The assignment of the trap numbers to the strata and tree species can be taken from the additional file "Metadata_XylobiontBeetles_Leipzig_2016.csv". Due to a storm two traps of one tree of  F. excelsior were lost, resulting in missing data for these traps between 21.07.2016 and 04.08.2016.


German Research Foundation, Award: FZT 11

Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, Award: FZT 11