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Rapid evolution of sexual size dimorphism facilitated by Y-linked genetic variance data set

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Kaufmann, Philipp; Immonen, Elina (2021). Rapid evolution of sexual size dimorphism facilitated by Y-linked genetic variance data set [Dataset]. Dryad.


The three datasets were collected to study the genetic architecture of sexual size dimorphism in the seed beetle Callosobruchus maculatus (Quantitative_genetics_data_set), the response of sexual dimorphism to artificial selection (artificial_selection_data_set) and to isolate and quantify the effect of Y haplotypes on male body size (Y_introgression_data_set).

Quantitative genetics: A four generation breeding design with pedigree information for 8022 individuals and body size measurements for 7356 individuals. The breeding design and sample size of the study allows to partition genetic variances into additive autosomal, additive sex-linked, autosomal dominance and X-linked dominance variance.

Artificial selection: Family level phenotypic data over 10 generations of artificial selection using direct progenitors of the quantitative genetics experiment in 5 different selection regimes (random selection [C], sexually antagonistic selection, for increased sexual dimorphism [SA], sex limited selection; for small males [SL1], for large females [SL2], for large males [SL3]), each selection regime was replicated by two replicate lines, resulting in 10 selection lines.

Y introgression: We followed the Y lineage (paternal founder line) from the quantitative genetics experiment over the course of the artificial selection, and after the selection we introgressed each remaining Y lineage into an isogenic background, by 13 generations of backcrossing of males with the isogenic females in order to isolate the Y-linked effect on male body size.


Quantitative genetics: Individual body weight measurments [mg] for individuals of grandparental (GP), parental (P), F1 offspring (F1) and F2 offspring (F2) generation.

Artificial selection: Family average body weight, by measuring 7 pooled females for female weight [mg], or 7 pooled males for male weight [mg]

Y introgression: Indicudual body weight measurment [mg] at the final generation of introgression

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