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Data from: How to estimate kinship

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Goudet, Jerome; Kay, Tomas; Weir, Bruce S. (2018). Data from: How to estimate kinship [Dataset]. Dryad.


The concept of kinship permeates many domains of fundamental and applied biology ranging from social evolution to conservation science to quantitative and human genetics. Until recently, pedigrees were the gold standard to infer kinship, but the advent of next generation sequencing and the availability of dense genetic markers in many species make it a good time to (re) evaluate the usefulness of genetic markers in this context. Using three published data sets where both pedigrees and markers are available, we evaluate two common and a new genetic estimator of kinship. We show discrepancies between pedigree values and marker estimates of kinship, and explore via simulations the possible reasons for these. We find these discrepancies are attributable to two main sources: pedigree errors and heterogeneity in the origin of founders. We also show that our new marker-based kinship estimator has very good statistical properties and behavior, and is particularly well suited for situations where the source population is of small size, as will often be the case in conservation biology, and where high levels of kinship are expected, as is typical in social evolution studies.

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