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CPCP-1: Thermal demagnetization data

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Haque, Ziaul et al. (2021). CPCP-1: Thermal demagnetization data [Dataset]. Dryad.


The Colorado Plateau Coring Project Phase 1 (CPCP-1) acquired three continuous drill cores from Petrified Forest National Park (PFNP), Arizona, U.S.A. Two cores, CPCP-PFNP13-1A and CPCP-PFNP13-2B, hereafter CPCP-1A and CPCP-2B; respectively, intersected the Upper Triassic Chinle Formation, Lower(?)-Middle Triassic Moenkopi Formation (MF) and Permian Coconino Sandstone. We examined CPCP-1A and CPCP-2B cores to construct a high-resolution magnetostratigraphy of Moenkopi Formation strata. These data files contain progressive thermal demagnetization data collected from the specimens from cores CPCP-1A and CPCP-2B.


The progressive thermal demagnetization data was generated by heating specimens in ASC TD-48 furnaces stored in a magnetically shielded room with a peak magnetic field of less than 10 nT. At each demagnetization step, the NRM and remanence were measured using either a 2G-Enterprises cryogenic magnetometer equipped with DC-squids or AGICO JR6A spinner magnetometers housed in a magnetically shielded room. AGICO data reduction software "Remasoft 3.0" was used to process the data and to calculate the characteristic remanent magnetization (ChRM) directions.

Usage notes

All the thermal demagnetization data is in "Remasoft3 file(s) (*.rs3)" format and can be opened in AGICO "Remasoft 3.0" paleomagnetic data processing software. The data files those name that starts with CPCP-1A contain thermal demagnetization data from core CPCP-1A and other files contain thermal demagnetization data from the core CPCP-2B. To view the data in geographic coordinate use an azimuth/hade of 135°/90° (CPCP-1A) and 113°/90° (CPCP-2B) and the following orientation parameters in Remasoft 3.0 (P1= 12; P2= 0; P3= 12; P4= 0 or 90).


National Science Foundation