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Data from: Environmental versus anthropogenic effects on population adaptive divergence in the freshwater snail Lymnaea stagnalis


Bouétard, Anthony et al. (2015), Data from: Environmental versus anthropogenic effects on population adaptive divergence in the freshwater snail Lymnaea stagnalis, Dryad, Dataset,


Repeated pesticide contaminations of lentic freshwater systems located within agricultural landscapes may affect population evolution in non-target organisms, especially in species with a fully aquatic life cycle and low dispersal ability. The issue of evolutionary impact of pollutants is therefore conceptually important for ecotoxicologists. The impact of historical exposure to pesticides on genetic divergence was investigated in the freshwater gastropod Lymnaea stagnalis, using a set of 14 populations from contrasted environments in terms of pesticide and other anthropogenic pressures. The hypothesis of population adaptive divergence was tested on 11 life-history traits, using QST -FST comparisons. Despite strong neutral differentiation (mean FST = 0.291), five adult traits or parameters were found to be under divergent selection. Conversely, two early expressed traits showed a pattern consistent with uniform selection or trait canalization, and four adult traits appeared to evolve neutrally. Divergent selection patterns were mostly consistent with a habitat effect, opposing pond to ditch and channel populations. Comparatively, pesticide and other human pressures had little correspondence with evolutionary patterns, despite hatching rate impairment associated with global anthropogenic pressure. Globally, analyses revealed high genetic variation both at neutral markers and fitness-related traits in a species used as model in ecotoxicology, providing empirical support for the need to account for genetic and evolutionary components of population response in ecological risk assessment.

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Buxtehude DE 53°29.63N 9°42.78E
Hedendorf DE 53°29.47N 9°36.55E
Castricum NL 52°33.17N 4°37.22E
Biezenmortel NL 51°38.03N 5°9.53E
Oud-Heverlee BE 50°49.39N 4°39.29E
Detselbergen BE 51°03.29N 3°49.35E
Oosteind NL 51°38.87N 4°55.82E
Baarn NL 52°13.38N 5°18.53E
Putten NL 52°45.81N 4°39.82E
Kuinre NL 52°47.67N 5°47.69E
Schoorldam NL 52°43.13N 4°42.2E
Koenigsreich DE 53°31.6N 9°46.29E
Emmeloord NL 52°46.27N 5°48.26E
Agathenburg DE 53°34.54N 9°32.82E