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Annotated VCF of 192 Verticillium dahliae isolates


Mimee, Benjamin; Lafond-Lapalme, Joel; Tenuta, Mario (2023), Annotated VCF of 192 Verticillium dahliae isolates, Dryad, Dataset,


Verticillium dahliae is an important soil-borne pathogen causing Verticillium wilt. It is also the primary causal agent of the Potato Early Dying, a disease complex involving the root-lesion nematode. Here, we report the whole-genome sequencing of 192 isolates of V. dahliae originating from the major potato production areas across Canada. Our results yielded a resource of  277,010 genetic variations that will be useful for genetic analyses and revealed the presence of two major lineages, both present in all provinces but exhibiting differences in regional prevalence.


Filtered WGS reads (fastp) aligned on Verticillium dahliae reference ( with BWA. VCF called with freebayes v1.3.6 and annotated with snpeff.


Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Award: AgriScience Program ASC-18/19 CHC