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Data for: Hermaphroditic origins of anisogamy

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Henshaw, Jonathan (2022). Data for: Hermaphroditic origins of anisogamy [Dataset]. Dryad.


This repository contains simulated datasets relating to the publication: Henshaw JM, Bittlingmaier M, Schärer L. Hermaphroditic origins of anisogamy. In this paper, we simulated the coevolution of sex allocation and gamete size in populations with pre-existing binary mating types. Under varying parameter combinations, we tracked the evolution of the following variables over multiple simulation runs, with each run lasting 10 000 generations:

1. The mean size of gametes of each mating type

2. The population mean sex allocation (average proportion of resources allocated to male function)

3. The population proportions of hermaphrodites and of individuals specialised in each gamete type

4. The mean individual fertilisation rate (defined as the proportion of larger-type gametes that are fertilised, averaged over all individuals)

Each 'output' dataset in this repository contains the values of the above variables recorded every ten generations over a single simulation run. The accompanying 'parameter' datasets contain a list of the parameter values underlying each simulation run. For further information, please see the publication and the file in this repository.


The Mathematica code used to generate this data is included in this repository as 'Henshaw Bittlingmaier Schärer.nb' (written for Wolfram Mathematica version


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