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Behavioural and neurophysiological data from experiments on the impact of spatial frequency information to action comprehension


Amoruso, Lucia (2020), Behavioural and neurophysiological data from experiments on the impact of spatial frequency information to action comprehension, Dryad, Dataset,


Understanding object-directed actions performed by others is central to everyday life. This ability is thought to rely on the interaction between the dorsal action observation network (AON) and a ventral object recognition pathway. On this view, the AON would encode action kinematics, and the ventral pathway, the most likely intention afforded by the objects. However, experimental evidence supporting this model is still scarce. Here, we aimed to disentangle the contribution of dorsal vs. ventral pathways to action comprehension by exploiting their differential tuning to lowspatial frequencies (LSFs) and high-spatial frequencies (HSFs). We filtered naturalistic action images to contain only LSF or HSF and measured behavioral performance and corticospinal excitability (CSE) using transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). Actions were embedded in congruent or incongruent scenarios as defined by the compatibility between grips and intentions afforded by the contextual objects. Behaviorally, participants were better at discriminating congruent actions in intact than LSF images. This effect was reversed for incongruent actions, with better performance for LSF than intact and HSF. These modulations were mirrored at the neurophysiological level, with greater CSE facilitation for congruent than incongruent actions for HSF and the opposite pattern for LSF images. Finally, only for LSF did we observe CSE modulations according to grip kinematics. While results point to differential dorsal (LSF) and ventral (HSF) contributions to action comprehension for grip and context encoding, respectively, the negative congruency effect for LSF images suggests that object processing may influence action perception not only through ventral-to-dorsal connections, but also through a dorsal-to-dorsal route involved in predictive processing.


European Commission, Award: MCSA-H2020-NBUCA,grant N. 656881

Ministero dell'Istruzione, dell'Università e della Ricerca, Award: PRIN 2017,Prot. N. 2017N7WCLP

Ikerbasque, Basque Foundation for Science, Award: 2019

Italian Ministry of Health, Award: Ricerca Corrente 2020

Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities, Award: IJCI-2017-31373