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Microclimate sensor data from 3 locations

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Maclean, Ilya (2021). Microclimate sensor data from 3 locations [Dataset]. Dryad.


Three datasets of microclimate temperature. Dataset 1, obtained between 7th April and 10th July 2020 over several short intervals in Cornwall, UK (50.1739°N, 5.1042°W), was used to quantify errors yielded by different logger types close to the ground in an open grassland. Dataset 2, obtained between 1st May and 10th July 2020 in Leuven, Belgium (50.8217°N, 4.7336°E), was used to quantify errors different logger and shield types over several months, in both open grassland and closed-canopy mixed forest and at different heights above ground. Dataset 3, obtained between 22nd December 2017 and 2nd August 2020 in Gontrode, Belgium (50.9803°N, 3.8160°E) was used to determine whether consumer-grade sensors and radiation shields can be used in place of a weather station. 


Dataset 1: Measurements obtained using a research-grade ultrafine-wire thermocouple were compared with those obtained using consumer-grade ultrafine-wire thermocouples, standard unshielded Lascar thermocouples and iButton thermochrons. We deployed unshielded iButtons, and iButtons shielded with (i) aluminium foil, (ii) 25.1 mm diameter PVC tubing and (iii) translucent open-ended film canisters. Also, both unshielded and shielded (using the shield provided by the manufacturer) TMS4 dataloggers were also compared. Measurements are of air temperatures 10 cm above a short grass lawn in Cornwall, UK (50.1739°N, 5.1042°W).

Dataset 2: Measurements obtained using consumer-grade ultrafine-wire thermocouples were compared to those obtained using TMS4 dataloggers (with and without shields) and iButton thermochrons: (i) no treatment, (ii) shielded with 10 cm diameter x 15 cm long horizontal white PVC tube and (iii) coated  in transparent liquid rubber). Measurements are of air temperatures at 0, 15 and 150 cm above ground in a forest and nearby grassland in Leuven, Belgium (50.8217°N, 4.7336°E).

Dataset 3: Measurements obtained using Lascar loggers with internal thermometers with two types of shield. The first shield type was a 10 cm diameter x 15 cm long horizontal white PVC tube. The second, a cone-like, home-made shield consisting of two white funnels on top of each other. The bottom funnel had holes to stimulate passive air displacement. Measurements are of air temperature 2 m above ground from a mixed forest and nearby (< 1km away) open area in Gontrode, Belgium (50.9803°N, 3.8160°E).

Usage notes

Data provided as csv files. Time stamp is local time. Some missing data reported as NA (logger mulfunction). Full details of methods provided in manuscript associated with this dataset.


Hadley Centre Climate Programme

Hadley Centre Climate Programme