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The complete chloroplast genome of Mimusops elengi (Sapotaceae)

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He, Lijuan; Huang, Qiyi (2021). The complete chloroplast genome of Mimusops elengi (Sapotaceae) [Dataset]. Dryad.


The first complete chloroplast genome sequences of Mimusops elengi (Sapotaceae) were reported in this study. The cpDNA of M. elengi is 159,719 bp in length, contains a large single-copy region (LSC) of 88,935 bp and a small single-copy region (SSC) of 18,606 bp, which were separated by a pair of inverted repeat (IR) regions of 26,089 bp. The genome contains 132 genes, including 87 protein-coding genes, 8 ribosomal RNA genes, and 37 transfer RNA genes. The overall GC content of the whole genome is 36.8%. Phylogenetic analysis of 12 chloroplast genomes within the family Sapotaceae suggests that the sister relationship of Autranella and Tieghemella is strongly supported. Minusops genus is close to Autranella and Tieghemella, although the support value is still low.


Total genomic DNA was extracted using Tiangen Plant Genomic DNA Kit (Tiangen Biotech Co., Beijing, China). DNA was sequenced using the Illumina HiSeq 2000 platform at Novogene Co., Ltd (Beijing, China). The complete chloroplast genome was assembled, circularized, and annotated using GENIOUS 2019.1.1 (Kearse et al. 2012).


National Natural Science Foundation of China, Award: 31900193