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New Aspidistra from Vietnam

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Averyanov, Leonid (2021). New Aspidistra from Vietnam [Dataset]. Dryad.


Aspidistra peltata, the new species morphologically allied to A. tonkinensis ( = A. fungilliformis subsp. formosa; A. formosa) discovered in northern Vietnam, is described and illustrated. From closely related A. tonkinensis, our plant well differs in erect stem 4–14 cm tall, much smaller leaves, small flowers, filamentose stamens, pure white style, and entire flat stigma with remarkably inflated margin. The discovered plant is obviously local endemic of the southern part of the South-Chinese floristic province and potentially may be also found in southern China.


Data were collected in fieldwork. Collected data were processed in a laboratory.


Russian Foundation for Basic Research, Award: AAAA-A19-119031290052-1