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Geometric model for toppling-prone deformation of layered reverse-dip slope

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Xie, Liangfu; Ge, Ying; Qin, Yongjun; Wang, Jianhu (2020). Geometric model for toppling-prone deformation of layered reverse-dip slope [Dataset]. Dryad.


This paper concentrates on analyzing toppling response of layered reverse-dip slope under the action of geometric feature factors of slope angle, strata thickness and strata dip, so as to establish toppling-prone geometric model for toppling deformation. To achieve this, a total of 144 kinds of combination schemes performed by numerical simulation are carried out on three secondary factors of slope angle and strata dip and thickness. The toppling response of reverse dip slope under the effect of geometric feature factors is obtained using numerical simulation software UDEC. Then a model for toppling prediction is designed by utilizing support vector machine, and followed by a geometric model for possible toppling of reverse-dip slope. The research shows that the geometric model is a quarter of a spheroid with a slope angle of 80°, a strata dip of 80°, and a strata thickness of 0.19 m as the center. The length of the long equatorial radius of the spheroid is 31° (strata dip axial), that of the short equatorial radius is 21° (slope angle axial), and the polar radius is 0.075 m (strata thickness axial), and the ratio of long equatorial radius, short equatorial radius and polar radius is 2.48:1.68:1.00.