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Roles of gas and heat in a mushy magma chamber

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Liao, Yang (2022). Roles of gas and heat in a mushy magma chamber [Dataset]. Dryad.


The processes that occur in magmatic reservoirs and their surrounding crustal rocks can modulate the triggering, duration, and style of volcanic eruptions. Although magmatic reservoirs are typically modeled as cavities filled with fluid magma, geophysical and petrological observations have long suggested that they likely contain crystal mush, an ensemble of solid crystals and fluid (gas/melt) that reside in interstitial pore spaces. The mushy-and-gassy magma chamber extends previous studies by Liao et al (2018, 2021) to incorporate two new aspects that are typical for crustal magmatic systems: gas phase (in the form of disconnected gas bubbles) and nonuniform temperature.

This dataset incorporates the parameters and numerical codes used for generating results in the submitted manuscript 'Roles of Gas and Heat in a Mushy Magma Chamber. The dataset consists of a README file detailing the data structure, a matlab .mat file that contains the parameters assumed in the magma chamber model, and several matlab program .m files that can be applied to the .mat file to generate results presented in the manuscript. 


Codes are based on analytical solitions amd FD scheme follows the appendix of the manuscript. 

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