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Fungal data of leafless epiphytic orchids

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Qin, Jiao; Zhang, Wei; Feng, Jing-Qiu; Zhang, Shi-Bao (2021). Fungal data of leafless epiphytic orchids [Dataset]. Dryad.


This dataset contains fungal phylogenetic and community data from the paper: “Qin, Jiao; Zhang, Wei; Feng, Jing‑Qiu; Zhang, Shi‑Bao (2021), Leafless epiphytic orchids share Ceratobasidiaceae mycorrhizal fungi. Mycorrhiza.”. One sequence matrix and the relevant phylogenetic tree were displayed to show the relationships among fungi of Ceratobasidiaceae. The sequence abundances of each mycorrhizal fungal OTU detected from different samples, together with the sampling information, were listed in the uploaded excel.


The fungal amplicons of orchid mycorrhizas were sequenced by using primer pairs ITS3/ITS4OF and ITS86/ITS4 on MiSeq PE-250 platforms. The obtained clean reads were clustered into operational taxonomic units (OTUs) at a 97% identity threshold using the UPARSE-OTU algorithm. The representative sequence of each OTU was annotated using UNITE database (Feb 2020).The OTU abundance tables were generated from all the merged sequences and OTUs, and were then filtered by excluding OTUs with a low sequence abundance and homogenized using in Qiime 2 according to the lowest sequence abundance in all samples (22,044 reads). The OTU abundance data merged from sequencings of two different primer pairs was deposited in Dryad Data Repository. Phylogenetic analyses of three“rhizoctonia”fungal lineages (Ceratobadiaceae, Tulasnellaceae, and Sebacinales) and Psathyrellaceae were carried out using Maximum Likelihood (ML). The relevant sequence matrixes (aligned using Mafft) and the ML trees were also provided here. These data has been processed to produce a MS published in Mycorrhiza.

Usage notes

More detailed information of each fungal OTU can be found in the referenced manuscript and readme file. 


National Natural Science Foundation of China, Award: Nos. 31700026 and 31670342

Yunnan Fundamental Research Projects, Award: 2019FB019

The Project for Construction of International Flower Technology Innovation Center and Achievement Industrialization, Award: 2019ZG006

The Project for Innovation Team of Yunnan Province

Yunnan Fundamental Research Projects, Award: 2019FB019

The Project for Innovation Team of Yunnan Province