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Mechanical nanolattices printed using nanocluster-based photoresists

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Kulikowski, John et al. (2022). Mechanical nanolattices printed using nanocluster-based photoresists [Dataset]. Dryad.


Natural materials exhibit emergent mechanical properties due to their nanoarchitected, nanocomposite structures with optimized hierarchy, anisotropy and nanoporosity. Fabrication of such complex systems is currently challenging because high-quality 3D nanoprinting is mostly limited to simple, homogenous materials. We report a strategy for the rapid nanoprinting of complex structural nanocomposites using metal nanoclusters. These ultrasmall, quantum-confined nanoclusters function as highly sensitive two-photon activators, and simultaneously serve as precursors for mechanical reinforcements and nanoscale porogens. Nanocomposites with complex 3D architectures are printed, as well as structures with tunable, hierarchical and anisotropic nanoporosity. Nanocluster-polymer nanolattices exhibit high specific strength, energy absorption, deformability, and recoverability. This framework provides a generalizable, versatile approach for the use of photoactive nanomaterials in additive manufacturing of complex systems with emergent mechanical properties.


National Science Foundation, Award: 1656518