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Chloroplast genome of Phyllostachys glauca


Guo, Chunce (2020), Chloroplast genome of Phyllostachys glauca , Dryad, Dataset,


Phyllostachys glauca is a dominant species in limestone mountains endemic to China. Here, we characterized its complete chloroplast genome. It is a circular DNA molecule of 139689 bp in length, including a pair of 21798 bp inverted repeats (IRs), a 12872 bp small single-copy (SSC) region and an 83221 bp large single-copy (LSC) region. The total GC content of P. glauca chloroplast genome was 38.9%, and it encodes a total of 137 functional genes, including 89 protein-coding genes, 40 tRNA genes, and 8 rRNA genes. The phylogenetic analysis shows that P. glauca is highly clustered in the Phyllostachys clade (V), sister to the lineage of P. nigra var. henonis + P. sulphurea.


Natural Science Foundation for Young Scientists of Jiangxi Province, Award: 20192ACB21005

Research Foundation of Education Department of Jiangxi Province, Award: GJJ180167