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Loon Project Database

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Piper, Walter (2021). Loon Project Database [Dataset]. Dryad.


Data collected since 1993 in Oneida County, Wisconsin, on the breeding and territorial behavior of the common loon, Gavia immer. This study population is marked with USGS metal bands and colored leg bands for individual identification. It includes many individuals banded as chicks, whose life histories are known thoroughly. Data are collected from April through August of most years on this migratory species. Data are in the form of a MS-Access file, with many individual "tables" containing data on banding, breeding, dispersal and other life-history information. 


Field observations on marked breeding pairs of common loons from April through October from Oneida County, Wisconsin. Collected beginning in 1993. Data are entered daily by field observers or by the principal investigator. 

Usage notes

Data are self-explanatory, but queries may be directed to the principal investigator at 


National Science Foundation, Award: IBN-0316442, DEB-0717055