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Data from: Noninvasive sub-organ ultrasound stimulation for targeted neuromodulation


Cotero, Victoria; Puleo, Christopher (2019), Data from: Noninvasive sub-organ ultrasound stimulation for targeted neuromodulation, Dryad, Dataset,


Tools for noninvasively modulating neural signaling in peripheral organs will advance the study of nerves and their effect on homeostasis and disease. Herein, we demonstrate a noninvasive method to modulate specific signaling pathways within organs using ultrasound (US). US is first applied to spleen to modulate the cholinergic anti-inflammatory pathway (CAP), and US stimulation is shown to reduce cytokine response to endotoxin to the same levels as implant-based vagus nerve stimulation (VNS). Next, hepatic US stimulation is shown to modulate pathways that regulate blood glucose and is as effective as VNS in suppressing the hyperglycemic effect of endotoxin exposure. This response to hepatic US is only found when targeting specific sub-organ locations known to contain glucose sensory neurons, and both molecular (i.e. neurotransmitter concentration and cFOS expression) and neuroimaging results indicate US induced signaling to metabolism-related hypothalamic sub-nuclei. These data demonstrate that US stimulation within organs provides a new method for site-selective neuromodulation to regulate specific physiological functions.

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