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The genomic landscapes of desert birds form over multiple time scales

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Provost, Kaiya; Shue, Stephanie Yun; Forcellati, Meghan; Smith, Brian Tilston (2022). The genomic landscapes of desert birds form over multiple time scales [Dataset]. Dryad.


Spatial models show that genetic differentiation between populations can be explained by factors ranging from geographic distance to environmental resistance across the landscape. However, genomes exhibit a landscape of differentiation, which could indicate that multiple spatial models better explain divergence in different portions of the genome. We test whether alternative geographic predictors of intraspecific differentiation vary across the genome in ten bird species that co-occur in Sonoran and Chihuahuan Deserts of North America. Using population-level genomic data, we characterized the genomic landscapes across species and modeled five predictors that represented historical and contemporary mechanisms. The characteristics of genomic landscapes differed across the ten species, influenced by varying levels of population structuring and admixture between deserts. General dissimilarity matrix modeling indicated that the best-fit models differed from the whole genome and partitions along the genome. Almost all of the historical and contemporary mechanisms were important in explaining genetic distance, particularly historical and contemporary environment, while contemporary abundance, position of the barrier to gene flow, and distance explained relatively less. Individual species have significantly different patterns of genomic variation. These results illustrate that the genomic landscape of differentiation was influenced by alternative geographic factors operating on different portions of the genome.


National Science Foundation, Award: DEB-1655736

American Museum of Natural History

American Ornithological Society

Society of Systematic Biologists

Linda H. Gormezano Fund

Frank M. Chapman Fund

Sydney Anderson Fund

Richard Gilder Graduate School