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Tiwi Island native mammal live-trapping 2019

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Davies, Hugh (2021). Tiwi Island native mammal live-trapping 2019 [Dataset]. Dryad.


This data was collected as part of the National Environmental Science Program's Threatened Species Recovery Hub (Project 1.1.12 - Mitigating cat impacts on the brush-tailed rabbit-rat). This dataset includes all live captures of native mammals recorded on the Tiwi Islands (Melville and Bathurst) in 2019. Live-trapping was conducted at four locations (Cape Fourcroy, Ranku, Pickertaramoor and Cache Point). At each of these sites, a grid of 300 live-traps (225 Sherman traps and 75 cage traps) were deployed in 30 rows of 10 traps (spaced 20 m apart) for four consecutive nights. This trapping was conducted on two separate occasions (June and October) in 2019. Individual animals were marked with ear tags and microchips permitting spatial-capture-recapture analyses.


Threatened Species Recovery Hub