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Multifaceted DNA metabarcoding of bat guano

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Lance, Richard (2022). Multifaceted DNA metabarcoding of bat guano [Dataset]. Dryad.


DNA sequences from multiple different loci recovered as part of multifaceted DNA metabarcoding (MDM) of guano samples collected from two bat communities. One community was located in New York, USA, and the other in Arizona, USA. Data classes recovered from each guano sample (individual scat) using DNA included bat species, bat sex (multiple zinc-finger gene primer sets), arthropod diet items (16S and 18S rRNA loci), bat parasites (16S and 18S rRNA loci), and, depending on bat community, exposure to Pseudogymnoascus destructans (white-nose syndrom pathogen) or plant diet (trnH-psbA, 18S rRNA loci). 

Usage notes

The archived data sets include all sequences used for making species, sex, or other determinations. All other sequence data, including raw sequence reads may be available upon request from the corresponding author.


United States Department of Defense