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Data from: An investigation on Mycetinis (Euagarics; Basidiomycota)

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Petersen, Ronald H.; Hughes, Karen W. (2018). Data from: An investigation on Mycetinis (Euagarics; Basidiomycota) [Dataset]. Dryad.


Molecular analyses have revealed a clade which equates with the genus name Mycetinis Earle. An overall survey of this genus, however, has not been forthcoming. The current study summarizes taxa which are placed in Mycetinis based on morphological and/or molecular data. Fifteen taxa are accepted: Mycetinis scorodonius f. diminutivus and Mycetinis yunnanensis are proposed as new, while Mycetinis cinnamomeus, Mycetinis olidus, Mycetinis prasiosmus, Mycetinis subalpinus and Myctinis virgultorum are newly recombined binomials. Phylogenies based on molecular data show overall disposition in Omphalotaceae, Gymnopus and allied genera, and taxa of Mycetinis.

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National Science Foundation, Award: DEB-1144974


North America