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Hunt honey bee markers

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Harpur, Brock (2020). Hunt honey bee markers [Dataset]. Dryad.


Early honey bee QTL studies relied on RAPD markers. There was a large effort in 2007 to re-map these (Hunt et al. 2007). The sequences were often not included in the final publication and could be accessed by emailing the lead author. These markers were discovered on Greg Hunt's desktop computer in 2019. The list is composed of published and unpublished marker sequences corresponding to those in QTL papers from 1995 onwards. This is not a peer-reviewed data set but likely corresponds to Hunt et al. 2007 and work by the Hunt lab thereafter.

Hunt GJ, Amdam GV, Schlipalius D, Emore C, Sardesai N, Williams CE, et al. Behavioral genomics of honeybee foraging and nest defense. Naturwissenschaften. 2007;94: 247–267. doi:10.1007/s00114-006-0183-1