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Data from: Performance of TaqMan Array Card to detect TB drug resistance on direct specimens


Banu, Sayera et al. (2017), Data from: Performance of TaqMan Array Card to detect TB drug resistance on direct specimens, Dryad, Dataset,


Culture based phenotypic drug susceptibility testing (DST) for Mycobacterium tuberculosis (TB) is time consuming therefore rapid genotypic methods are increasingly being utilized. We previously developed and evaluated on TB isolates a rapid genotypic TaqMan array card (TAC) that detects mutations in several resistance-associated genes using dozens of primer pairs, probes, and high resolution melt analysis, with >96% accuracy versus Sanger sequencing. In this study we examined the performance of TAC on sputum, comparing results between 71 paired sputum and multi drug resistant TB isolates. We also adapted the TAC to include wild-type probes and broadened coverage for rpoB and gyrA mutations. TAC was 89% successful at detecting wild-type or mutations within inhA, katG, rpoB, eis, gyrA, rplC, and pncA on smear positive sputa and 33% successful on smear negative sputa. The overall accuracy of these detections as compared to the TAC results of the paired isolate was 95% ± 7 (average sensitivity 98% ± 3; specificity 92% ± 14). Accuracy of sputum TAC results versus phenotypic DST for isoniazid, rifampin, amikacin/kanamycin, ofloxacin/moxifloxacin, and pyrazinamide was 87% ± 11. This was similar to that of the paired isolate TAC results (accuracy 90% ± 12) and inaccuracies primarily reflected intrinsic genotypic-phenotypic discordance. The TAC is a rapid, modular, comprehensive, and accurate TB DST for the major first and second line TB drugs on smear positive sputum.

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