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CT and 3D Data from: A large Middle Devonian eubrachythoracid ‘placoderm’ (Arthrodira) jaw from northern Gondwana


Jobbins, Melina; Rücklin, Martin; Argyriou, Thodoris; Klug, Christian (2020), CT and 3D Data from: A large Middle Devonian eubrachythoracid ‘placoderm’ (Arthrodira) jaw from northern Gondwana, Dryad, Dataset,


Leptodontichthys ziregensis is a newly described eubrachythoracid arthrodire from the Middle Devonian of Morocco. Only the posterior superognathal is preserved, it possesses features which were, so far, seen in Late Devonian forms. The jaw bone presents two sets of teeth, one lateral and one posterior, with dentinous tissue, pulp cavities and vascular canals preserved. The CT scans provided here are the ones used for the study. The complete jaw data was used for the overall study and the closeup data was used for the segmentation of the teeth. The ply data is provided to provide the information extracted by the authors during the study.

Usage Notes

The dataset comprises of three .raw files containing the CT slices of the complete posterior superognathal of Leptodontichthys and a closeup of its lateral and posterior tooth rows. Each .raw file is accompagnied by a .xtekVolume text file with all the scan details, including the voxel sizes of x, y, and z, important for visualising the .raw file in segmentation software such as mimics or avizo. Ply files of the complete jaw and the inner structures of its teeth are available and can be opened in a freeware such as Meshlab. The 3D models (.ply files) of "Model_Leptodontichthys_Lateral row_dentinous tissue", "Model_Leptodontichthys_Lateral row_pulp cavities" and "Model_Leptodontichthys_Lateral row_vascular canals" are mirrored (vertically).

See Readme.txt for additional information


Swiss National Science foundation , Award: 200020_184894

Swiss National Science foundation, Award: 200020_184894