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Nucleotide sequences in Procambarus clarkii

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Rodríguez-Sosa, Leonardo et al. (2021). Nucleotide sequences in Procambarus clarkii [Dataset]. Dryad.


Crayfish is a model for studying the effect of light on locomotor activity and neuroendocrine functions. In this study, we have described 62 transcripts from the pleonal nerve cord of the crayfish, using bioinformatics tools that identify phylogenetic families of genes related to the light interaction in the extraretinal photoreceptors. We deposited all sequencing data in the GenBank database. Here shows supplemental data from the freshwater crayfish Procambarus clarkii. The results suggest that the genes related to ocular and extraocular light perception in the crayfish P. clarkii use common biosynthesis pathways and phototransduction cascades.


Total RNA was extracted from the abdominal nerve cord using TRIzol reagent following the manufacturer’s protocol (Catalog number 15596018, Invitrogen Co., Carlsbad, CA, USA).  We used 5μg of total RNA to obtain the cDNA libraries, according to the manufacturer’s protocol for the Illumina TruSeq RNA Library Preparation Kit v2 (Catalog number RS-122-2001, Illumina, San Diego, CA, USA). We performed Illumina paired-end protocol 150 bp sequencing. The library obtained was sequenced using the MiSeq Reagent kit v3 system (Catalog number MS-102-3001) according to the manufacturer’s protocol, to obtain the peonal nerve cord transcriptome. 

Methods for processing the data: Bioinformatic analysis. 

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Please see Readme file: "Calderón-_Rosete_et_al.__2021._Dataset_Readme.txt"


Facultad de Medicina, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Award: Grant FM/DI/128/2019 to LRS.