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Data from: Cytotaxonomy of Piptatherum kuoi (Stipeae, Poaceae)

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Zhang, Zhong-Shuai; Chen, Wen-Li (2018). Data from: Cytotaxonomy of Piptatherum kuoi (Stipeae, Poaceae) [Dataset]. Dryad.


The generic placement of Piptatherum kuoi (Poaceae, Stipeae) has long been a controversial matter. Recent molecular phylogenetic analyses indicate that Piptatherum kuoi should be transferred to Patis. Here, we present cytological evidence for this transfer. Piptatherum kuoi has a chromosome number of 2n = 46 with the chromosomes varying in length between 1.1 – 3.1 μm, and a symmetrical karyotype 2n = 26m + 16sm + 4st (2sat). Karyological characters of Piptatherum kuoi, including chromosome number, size, and karyotype asymmetry, all agree remarkably with those in Patis, but are distinct from those in other species of Piptatherum. The transference of Piptatherum kuoi to Patis is corroborated.

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National Science Foundation, Award: National Natural Science Foundation of China (grant no. 31470300) and THRD015


East Asia
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