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Regional dataset including species occurences and survey characteristics

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Fonteyn, Davy (2023). Regional dataset including species occurences and survey characteristics [Dataset]. Dryad.


While mammals are facing tremendous threats and environmental challenges across central Africa, we still lack a thorough understanding of how mammal assemblages are distributed across the region, though this knowledge is essential for planning coordinated conservation strategies and assessing where conservation gaps might persist. To fill this critical knowledge gap, we gathered species lists from wildlife and bushmeat-related surveys focusing on medium-sized to large mammals. The combined dataset includes 6,840 species occurrences across central Africa for 31 species of carnivores (out of 35 species in the study area according to Wilson & Mittermeier, 2009), 64 species of primates (out of 73 according to Mittermeier et al., 2013) and 49 species of artiodactyls (out of 57 according to Wilson & Mittermeier, 2011). We also compiled the characteristics and metadata of each survey, including the survey method, year and effort.


Fonds pour la Formation à la Recherche dans l'Industrie et dans l'Agriculture

Programme de Promotion de l’Exploitation Certifiée des Forêts

Commission des Forêts d’Afrique Centrale