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Data from: Jammed frictional tetrahedra are hyperstatic

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Neudecker, Max; Ulrich, Stephan; Herminghaus, Stephan; Schröter, Matthias (2013). Data from: Jammed frictional tetrahedra are hyperstatic [Dataset]. Dryad.


We prepare packings of frictional tetrahedra with volume fractions ϕ ranging from 0.469 to 0.622 using three different experimental protocols under isobaric conditions. Analysis via x-ray microtomography reveals that the contact number Z grows with ϕ, but does depend on the preparation protocol. While there exist four different types of contacts in tetrahedra packings, our analysis shows that the edge-to-face contacts contribute about 50% of the total increase in Z. The number of constraints per particle C increases also with ϕ and even the loosest packings are strongly hyperstatic, i.e., mechanically overdetermined with C approximately twice the degrees of freedom each particle possesses.

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