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Moths as pollinators of four Cucurbitaceae crops in Asia

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Liu, Chang-Qiu (2020). Moths as pollinators of four Cucurbitaceae crops in Asia [Dataset]. Dryad.


Each sample of hypanthium length (mm) comes from one plant individual.   Nectar measurement includes two aspects, i.e. nectar volume (μL) and nectar concentration (%). The pollination experiment includes two treatments, i.e. diurnal insect exclusion vs nocturnal insect exclusion. The number of bagged female flowers per individual means  how many female flowers per individual plant were treated. The fruit number means how many fruits successfully developed from the treated female flowers.


They were collected around villages in southern China by measuring flowers and nectar and conducting pollination treatments. They have not been processed.

Usage notes

These data document the results of pollination treatments and measurements of floral traits.  There are no missing values. I do not think these data need any further files for re-use because they are just in a common and most straightforward form.