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Source data for: Synthesis phylogeny of insects

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Chesters, Douglas (2022). Source data for: Synthesis phylogeny of insects [Dataset]. Dryad.


The Holy Grail of an Insect Tree of Life can only be ‘discovered’ through extensive collaboration among taxon specialists, phylogeneticists, and centralized frameworks (such as TreeBase and Open Tree of Life), but an insufficient effort from stakeholders has so far hampered this promising approach. The resultant unavailability of synthesis phylogenies is an unfortunate situation given the numerous practical usages of phylogenies in the near-term against the backdrop of the ongoing biodiversity crisis. To redress this issue, we establish a new online hub that centralizes the collation of relevant phylogenetic data and provides the resultant synthesis molecular phylogenies. This is achieved through key developments in a proposed pipeline for the construction of a species-level insect phylogeny. The framework is demonstrated through the construction of a highly supported, species-comprehensive phylogeny of Diptera, built from integrated omics data, COI DNA barcodes, and a compiled database of over 100 standardized, published Diptera phylogenies. Machine-readable forms of the phylogeny (and subsets thereof) are publically available at, a new public repository for species-comprehensive phylogenies for biological research. 


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CAS President’s International Fellowship Initiative, Award: 2020FSB0001