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Flora and basins of Angarida

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Dowding, Elizabeth; Akulov, Nikolay; Mashchuk, Irina (2022). Flora and basins of Angarida [Dataset]. Dryad.


Devonian plants in Siberia present protracted pioneer succession. Research into the survivourship dynamics of early plant communities upon the palaeocontinent Angarida have demonstrated that transgression and volcanogenic nutrient influx were key to the survival of colonising plants. Taxic proportions show that migrating taxa entered Angarida from the southwest, Kuznetsk and Minusinsk basins, dispersing across the continent in waves through central areas northwards. The patterns of dispersal are consistent throughout the Devonian. Increased nutrient load from the active pulses of the Viluy-Yakutsk Large Igneous Province, biogeomorphic ecosystem engineering, and the increased biomass of Angaridan plants are assisted by Late Devonian transgression. These cumulative factors can be linked to the Late Devonian marine extinctions observed in Siberia.


Collection through literature review and fieldwork by Akulov and Mashchuk.

Processed through Microsoft Excel and Rstudio. 

Usage notes

Microsoft Excel.


The Research Council of Norway, Award: 223272

Volkswagen Foundation, Award: PaleoSynthesis

Russian Academy of Sciences, Award: 0346-2018-0004