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Pieris brassicae geometric morphometric data

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Fusco, Giuseppe; Springolo, Arianna; Rigato, Emanuele (2020). Pieris brassicae geometric morphometric data [Dataset]. Dryad.


By adopting a longitudinal study design and through geometric morphometrics methods, we investigated size and shape regulation in the head capsule during the larval development of the cabbage butterfly Pieris brassicae under laboratory conditions. We found evidence of size regulation by compensatory growth, although not equally effective in all larval stages. Size compensation is not attained through the regulation of developmental timing, but rather through the modulation of per-time growth rate. As for the shape, neither the variance of the symmetric component of shape, nor the level of fluctuating asymmetry show any evidence of increase across stages, either at the population or individual level, which is interpreted as a mark of ontogenetic shape regulation. In addition, also the geometry of individual asymmetry is basically conserved across stages. While providing specific documentation on the ontogeny of size and shape variation in this insect, this study may contribute to a more general understanding of developmental regulation and its influence on phenotypic evolution.