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Academic Careers in Pakistan

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Hawkes, Denise (2021). Academic Careers in Pakistan [Dataset]. Dryad.


Driven to improve the quality of higher education as an Engine of Growth and Socio-Economic Development within Pakistan for 20 years, the Higher Education Commission in Pakistan has focused on linking academics and professional services staff with their counterparts in various countries, including the UK, US, and Australia.  In collaboration with the British Council, the PAK-UK initiative has been launched to offer deeper linkages between the academics and universities in the UK and Pakistan.  This paper presents data collected in a British Council project highlighting the gender inequalities of the current strategy, to drive improvement by funding implemented following other countries' experiences.  It highlights the potential that online opportunities can help close and amend this gender gap and improve higher education in Pakistan and the PAK-UK role in contributing more broadly to the Sustainable Development Goals.


British Council, Award: ISB/REMU/03/WHE/2016