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Dielectric induced surface wave radiation loss

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Schaich, Tobias; Morsman, Trevor; Al Rawi, Anas; Payne, Mike (2020). Dielectric induced surface wave radiation loss [Dataset]. Dryad.


Data and source code for the article "Dielectric Induced Surface Wave Radiation Loss" submitted to the Proceedings of the Royal Society A.


These raw data show the received power of a surface wave launched onto a 20 metre single twisted pair at different heights above the ground. The cable is a Dropwire 11 of the British Cable Company containing a single twisted pair (0.5mm diameter annealed copper, 0.93mm over insulation (Polyethylene)) but with the steel strength members removed. Data sets were measured using a signal generator and spectrum analyser. Launching was achieved with horn launchers of depth 5cm and cross section of 5 cm. The cable was suspended at 1.5 metres above ground for the first measurement. Then is was suspended at 10cm above ground and the mid point of the cable was brought to within 10cm (straight cable), 2 cm and 0.5 cm of the ground. 

Furthermore, deposited are Ansys HFSS simulations' data for the transmitted surface wave at 10 and 15 GHz for different dielectric perturbations brought into close vicinity of the surface wave. The length of the perturbation was varied.

Finally Matlab source code used to obtain the results of the presented model in the paper is deposited.


Office of the Royal Society, Award: IF170002

Office of the Royal Society, Award: INF/PHD/180021