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Data from: Facebook groups as citizen science tools for plant species monitoring

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Guarino, Riccardo; Genduso, Emanuele; Salemi, Dario; Marcenò, Corrado (2021). Data from: Facebook groups as citizen science tools for plant species monitoring [Dataset]. Dryad.


Species list of the vascular flora of Sicily and related plant traits analysed in the paper "Facebook groups as citizen science tools for plant species monitoring". These include: floral traits, vegetative traits, life form, plant size, traditional use (edible/healing plants only). All traits were extracted from the digital archives of the Flora of Italy (Pignatti et al. 2017-2019) except for the conservation status of species, which was taken from Raimondo et al. (2011) and from the related updates proposed by Orsenigo et al. (2018). The number of records of a given species in the Facebook group "Flora Spontanea Siciliana" and in the subset of vegetation plots from Sicily extracted from the "European Vegetation Archive" are reported in the first two columns after the species name.

Usage notes

Please, note: the file consists of two spreadsheets. The first one is the dataset, the second includes the description of the variables included in the dataset.


Orsenigo, S., Montagnani, C., Fenu, G., Gargano, D., Peruzzi, L., Abeli, T., … Rossi, G. (2018). Red Listing plants under full national responsibility: Extinction risk and threats in the vascular flora endemic to Italy. Biological Conservation224, 213–222.

Pignatti, S., Guarino, R., & La Rosa, M. (2017-2019). Flora d’Italia, 2nd edition, Vols. 1-4. Edagricole, Edizioni agricole di New Business Media, Bologna

Raimondo, F. M., Bazan, G., & Troia, A. (2011). Taxa a rischio nella flora vascolare della Sicilia. Biogeographia – The Journal of Integrative Biogeography30(1), 229-239.


Czech Science Foundation, Award: 19-28491X