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Data from: Motivation and moral attributes in sport

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Vissoci, Joao Ricardo Nickenig; Vieira, Lenamar Fiorese; de Oliveira, Leonardo Pestillo; Vieira, José Luiz Lopes (2012). Data from: Motivation and moral attributes in sport [Dataset]. Dryad.


This research’s aim was to analyze the relation between self-determined motivation, sportspersonship and athletic aggression in volleyball players. Participated on this study 54 athletes between adults and youths from both genders. As measure instruments were used: Sport Motivation Scale (1995), Multidimensional Sportspersonship Orientations Scale (1997) and Bredemeier’s Athletic Aggression Inventory (1985). The data collection was performed during training. For the data analysis the Mann-Whitney test, Spearman correlation and Cronbach’s Alpha were used. The data evidenced that overall selfdetermined motivation was found to be a favorable factor in relation to a positive attitude towards sport’s social conventions, rules and judges influencing on the worry and compromise with the opponent, being able to interfere over the tendency to behave aggressively.

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