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Bemisia tabaci cryptic species: supplementary materials


MacLeod, Norman; Canty, Roy; Polaszek, Andrew (2022), Bemisia tabaci cryptic species: supplementary materials, Dryad, Dataset,


This archive contains supplementary materials relating to the investigation of morphological differences in Bemisia tabcai puparia as rescribed in MacLeod, N., Canty, R.J., and Polazek, A., 2022, Morphology-based identification of Bemisia tabaci cryptic species puparia via embedded group-contrast convolution neural network analysis: Systematic Biology. The materials archived include (1) and inventory of all puparial images, (2) full sets of results files for the image-based t-SNE and embedded, group-contrasts CNN analyses, (3) Wolfram Mathematical™ scripting code lisitngs for the image processing and CNN software used in the analysis.


Full details of the image collection and impage processing procecures are provided in the published report (MacLeod et al., 2022).

Usage Notes

The data used for this investigation constitute the puparial images. There are no missing images. Use of the software is more-or-less self-explanatory (provided you're used to using Mathematica) and proceeds in a linear, step-by-stem manner. Software setting values are provided in the published report (MacLeod et al., 2022) and all intermediate results files have been included if this archive. 


Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Award: OPP1058938