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Global impact of lightning-produced oxidants


Mao, Jingqiu (2021), Global impact of lightning-produced oxidants, Dryad, Dataset,


Lightning plays a major role in tropospheric oxidation, and its role on modulating tropospheric chemistry was thought to be emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx). Recent field and laboratory measurements demonstrate that lightning generates extremely large amounts of oxidants, including hydrogen oxides (HOx) and O3. We here implement the lightning-produced oxidants in a global chemical transport model to examine its global impact on tropospheric composition. We find that lightning-produced oxidants can increase global mass weighted OH by 0.3-10%, and affect CO, O3, and reactive nitrogen substantially, depending on the emission strength of oxidants from lightning. Our work highlights the importance and uncertainties of lightning-produced oxidants, as well as the need for rethinking the role of lightning in tropospheric oxidation chemistry.

Usage Notes

Please refer to Table 1 in the paper for the names of each model run.


National Science Foundation, Award: AGS-2026821

National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Award: 80NSSC19M0154

National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Award: 80NSSC21K0428