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Data from: Recent speciation between sympatric Tanganyikan cichlid color morphs


Wagner, Catherine E.; McCune, Amy R.; Lovette, Irby J. (2012), Data from: Recent speciation between sympatric Tanganyikan cichlid color morphs, Dryad, Dataset,


Lake Tanganyika, Africa’s oldest lake, harbors an impressive diversity of cichlid fishes. Although diversification in its radiating groups is thought to have been initially rapid, cichlids from Lake Tanganyika show little evidence for ongoing speciation. In contrast, examples of recent divergence among sympatric color morphs are well known in haplochromine cichlids from Lakes Malawi and Victoria. Here we report genetic evidence for recent divergence between two sympatric Tanganyikan cichlid color morphs. These Petrochromis morphs share mitochondrial haplotypes, yet microsatellite loci reveal that their sympatric populations form distinct genetic groups. Nuclear divergence between the two morphs is equivalent to that which arises geographically within one of the morphs over short distances, and is substantially smaller than that among other sympatric species in this genus. These patterns suggest that these morphs diverged only recently, yet that barriers to gene flow exist which prevent extensive admixture despite their sympatric distribution. The morphs studied here provide an unusual example of active diversification in Lake Tanganyika’s generally ancient cichlid fauna and enable comparisons of speciation processes between Lake Tanganyika and other African lakes.

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