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Endosymbionts' genomes extracted from tick metagenomes

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Buysse, Marie; Duron, Olivier (2021). Endosymbionts' genomes extracted from tick metagenomes [Dataset]. Dryad.


We have reconstructed the genomes of bacterial endosymbionts (Coxiella-LE, Francisella-LE and Coxiella burnetii) from the tick metagenomes of the BioProject PRJCA002242 available on the BIGD database (

Jia et al. (Jia et al., 2020,; the original paper of the BioProject PRJCA002242) reported major discoveries on the genetic basis of hematophagy and vector capacities in ticks. Our re-examination of the tick metagenomic datasets shows that nutritional endosymbionts required for hematophagy were also widely present. They were misidentified as tick-borne pathogens.

This present dataset includes these new assembled genomes of tick endosymbionts.


Downloading from the BIGD database; filtration of reads by mapping on references genomes (BWA, Li and Durbin, 2009); assembling of filtered reads (SPAdes, Bankevich et al. 2012 or MEGAHIT, Li et al. 2015); check for assembly quality (QUAST, Gurevich et al. 2013); filtration of contigs by comparison to reference genomes (RAGOO, Alonge et al. 2019); quality assessment and completeness estimation (QUAST and BUSCO, Seppey et al. 2019).


French National Centre for Scientific Research