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Clinical trial eligibility in COVID-19 patients

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Pischel, Lauren (2021). Clinical trial eligibility in COVID-19 patients [Dataset]. Dryad.


As the Coronavirus-2019 (COVID-19) pandemic continues, multiple therapies are rapidly being tested for efficacy in clinical trials. Clinical trials should be racially and ethnically representative of the population that will eventually benefit from these medications. There are multiple potential barriers to racial and ethnic minority enrollment in clinical trials, one of which could be that inclusion and exclusion criteria select for certain racial or ethnic groups disproportionately. In this observational cohort study at a single health care system, we examined if there were differences in eligibility for treatment with remdesivir based on clinical trial criteria for racial and ethnic minorities compared to non-Hispanic Whites. 201 electronic medical record charts were reviewed manually. Self-identified Whites were older than other racial or ethnic groups. At the time of presentation, Black, Latinx, and White participants met inclusion criteria for remdesivir at similar rates (72%, 80%, and 73% respectively), exclusion criteria at similar rates (43%, 38% and 49% for Black, Latinx and White participants respectively). In this study, there was no difference in eligibility for remdesivir based on race or ethnicity alone.


Data was manually extracted by 5 reviewers and then spot-checked and combined in Excel, cleaned then analyzed in R.

Usage notes

Missing value either a blanks pace or NAs. O2 scale key and ordinal severity are listed on separate tabs. Further information available on request. Age and gender were removed from this data set to preserve the anonymity of participants.