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‘The last channel’: Vision at the temporal margin of the field


Veto, Peter et al. (2020), ‘The last channel’: Vision at the temporal margin of the field, Dryad, Dataset,


The human visual field, on the temporal side, extends to at least 90 degrees from the line of sight. Using a two-alternative forced-choice procedure in which observers are asked to report the direction of motion of a Gabor patch, and taking precautions to exclude unconscious eye movements in the direction of the stimulus, we show that the limiting eccentricity of image-forming vision can be established with precision. There are large, but reliable, individual differences in the limiting eccentricity. The limiting eccentricity exhibits a dependence on log contrast; but it is not reduced when the modulation visible to the rods is attenuated, a result compatible with the histological evidence that the outermost part of the retina exhibits a high density of cones. Our working hypothesis is that only one type of neural channel is present in the far periphery of the retina, a channel that responds to temporally modulated stimuli of low spatial frequency and that is directionally selective.


For a description of how the data were collected and processed, please refer to the journal article.

Usage Notes

A text file ('data_instructions.txt') is provided to clarify the contents of the data files ('Experiment1.csv', 'Experiment2.csv', 'Experiment3.csv').


The Evelyn Trust, Award: 17/18

BBSRC, Award: BB/S000623/1

BBSRC, Award: BB/S000623/1