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Sham therapy vs manual therapy and control dataset for meta-analyses


Lavazza, Carolina (2021), Sham therapy vs manual therapy and control dataset for meta-analyses, Dryad, Dataset,


This dataset contains data used in the meta-analyses of “Sham treatment effects in manual therapy trials on back pain patients: a systematic review and pair-wise meta-analysis” paper.

Data extracted from each study are reported for each comparison made (study ID, year, mean, standard deviation and number of events occurred) and a complete variable list.

Data from each study were extracted by two reviewers with a pre-defined form using RevMan 5.3.2. The first author surname was used to identify data from each study.

Mean of pain on visual analogue scale, standard deviation, number of adverse events and dropouts occurred for each group of comparisons were collected, reported and analysed in RevMan.

If heterogeneity was not statistically significant, the Mantel-Haenszel method was used for the fixed effect model. Random-effects model was used when a substantial inconsistency was present (I²= 50-90%). 

Detailed information for data extraction and analyses are reported here :