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Interviews from field research in Rio de Janeiro State - Brazil

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Aun, Nádia; Assis, Renato Linhares de (2021). Interviews from field research in Rio de Janeiro State - Brazil [Dataset]. Dryad.


This paper presents a case study on organic agriculture at Região Serrana Fluminense, Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil. We sought to understand what was the role of organic farming, and if it can be considered as an aggregating element between different kind of people or groups who were located in the same region. The methodology used to carry out this investigation was based on the concept of the Rural Network, which enabled us to comprehend the articulations and connections that comprise the organic agriculture circuit in the mountains of this specific region.


Using the Rural web methodology, we developed a series of questions for the script so that we could communicate with the farmers. We then transcribed the responses

Usage notes

I supressed the names of people interviewed but I didn't supress the farmers' location.

The location of all organic farmers in Brazil are public, they have their farms and their production regularized in the Ministry of Agriculture and also with the ABIO (association of Organic Agriculture in RJ) so their location are public. Taking that information off the interviews would make the datasets very confusing and difficult to understand. 


Coordenação de Aperfeicoamento de Pessoal de Nível Superior